Svou cestou – Young Business

Svou cestou – Young Business

„Svou cestou – Young Business“ is one of the five key internal project of Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic focused on not only young enterpreneurs and start-ups, but to all aspiring enterpreneurs. In this project we are not creating a closed club and we do not want any financial contributions. We are creating a broad platform for young people with the ambition to convince them that their own business means to be independent.

This project has started in 2013 with a press conference where we presented the results of a unique survey among young people. Based on this survey were set up six main pillars of the project: showing best practices, connectiong with successful businessmans, incorporation of companies, evaluation of business plans, attracting investors and foreign cooperation. For our members (free registration) we offer free participation in seminars and workshops, meetings with interesting and successful entrepreneurs, mentoring, regular information about interesting events and news, grant programs and competitions and many other activities. Our motto is: „Do not be a pawn for others, decide yourself!“

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