The Year of Crafts 2016

The Year of Crafts 2016

The Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic (AMSP CR) is continuing in its massive offensive effort in support of small sole traders and proclaims 2016 as THE YEAR OF CRAFTS. By so doing, we continue on from our “We’re Rooting for Crafts!“ campaign, as part of which we are putting the spotlight on crafts guilds and associations, as well as specific crafts deeds. In this regard, 2016 will be entirely unique and we will present crafts at dozens of events as a key tool for maintaining the level of services accessible to people in the regions and rural areas as well as an interesting choice for the young generation. 

We will familiarize consumers with how to evaluate the quality of work performed by crafts people, will instigate a professional discussion about the educational system and link it to a discussion of the partial modification of the Trade Act. The primary objective is to bolster society’s perception of crafts, as well as membership in a crafts organisation within the professional community. The activities will be linked closely to AMSP CR’s long-term activity focused on family businesses and the support of business operations in small municipalities and economically weak regions. The word ”craft“ should become the most often used term in 2016.

The Year of Crafts will be co-ordinated by AMSP CR, with the participation of 23 crafts guilds and associations, covering 35 professions.

The Year of Crafts 2016 was announced on 3rd November 2015, on the occasion of the 13th Entrepreneurs’ Day of the Czech Republic, which is held annually by AMSP CR and attended by leading representatives of the public sector and small and medium enterprises (600 attendees + public opinion-forming media). On 21st January 2016 AMSP CR, in cooperation with Mediatel and Komerční banka, prepared a crafts portal (at the domains designed to cater to the needs of the end consumer. It is based on the interactive search for crafts people and businesses in 35 key professions, classified by micro-regions. Every customer will be able to specify his/her location and the crafts person or business he/she requires. The customer then immediately receive information on the closest supplier in a simple graphical format. Customers are also able to use this web application to settle any complaints via 23 crafts guilds or, should all avenues for complaint resolution fail, contact AMSP CR. This site is free of charge, and the list contains both crafts persons and businesses grouped as part of professional associations as well as independent suppliers, with both being classified according to an unambiguous system. 


Karel Havlíček, chairman of AMSP CR, adds: ”We intend to convince the government that discussions on sole traders and crafts must not be restricted solely to the areas of lump-sum tax and health or social security contributions, but that their role is mainly in the provision of services in the regions and that they form the basis for the sustainability of suitable conditions allowing for living and functioning municipalities. We intend to convince young people that crafts are not just a nostalgic memory of the past, but that they represent professions associated with new technologies. We intend to convince schools that mere proclamations about golden Czech hands and the future prospects in store for crafts people will do little these days to get anyone on our side, and that it is necessary to launch a completely different system in the technical fields of the vocational and secondary areas. And finally, we intend to convince consumers that a crafts person is not someone who has come to cheat them, but a person who is able to provide them with a good service. We will convince society that crafts deserves greater respect.“